Adventure Game Toolkit 1.7 

This is the most popular I would say version of AGT. You can use this program to make your own text-adventure (or in our case Xtrek) style games. But be sure to read all the manuals carefully. 

Peep tads example 

a simple tad touturial, how to see into anther room using a camera  


Now, I can't say much about Agility because I have never used it, but it is kind of "related" to AGT. But I do know that Newkid programmed Star Trek The Sexed Generation with it, so if you want to use agility instead of AGT to compile your games, here it is.

Author's Aid 

This is an Author's program for the Authors Game Toolkit. It helps you to make your .DAT file. (It makes locations, people, nouns, and verbs) I personally do not like it, and find it easier to type the .DAT file manually, but for anyone who wants to have a program do it for you, shoot for it.

Game Developer's Forum 

This is a text file written by Flakey, that gives tips and kind of walks you through making your game. Flakey's site can be found on the links page.

Source Codes

This is a link to Tenhawk's site where you can find source codes for his game DS9, and for his Voyager game TBS. (Source Codes are the actual files he used to compile his game)



This is some basic hints/ sort of walkthrough of A Night With Troi.

Star Trek: The Sexed Generation (STX) 

A walkthrough of Star Trek: The Sexed Generation (STX) 

Ideal High School (HI)

A walkthrough for Newkid's game Ideal High School (HI).[Game can be found on the Other Games Section]


A walkthrough for the game by Scarlet Herring MOIST.[Available on the OTHER GAMES section].


A walkthrough for Xtrek Casanova Captain Kirk Walkthrough

 PT  /  PT2

A walkthrough for Paris and torres


tbs walkthrough


NTR Walkthrough


A walkthrough for Xtrek BBG (Banging Both Generations) written by KaZx

BJ drifter

Walkthrough for BJ drifter



Pretty is an extractor program which allows you to view other people's source codes. NOTE: Please only use this to view source codes so you can make your own, or if you get very confused with an error in the game, not to cheat out and use someone else's source code for your own game.


Program nessecary to run Newkid's game Ideal High School.